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30 Years 6000 Movies
Type Grade Times
Title and Year Released Stars Notes Src Watch
Com C 1 $1,000,000 Duck Jones, Dean TV No
ZZZ F 1 10 (1979) TV No
Tee C+ 1 10 Things I Hate About You (1999) TVa No
--- Z 10,000 BC (2008) --- No
Dis C 1 10.5 (2004) TVM - 4 hr TV No
ZZZ D- 1 100 Mile Rule Bello, Maria CAB No
Sci D 1 100 Million BC (2008) TV No
Com C+ 1 101 Dalmations (1996) Close, G; Richardson TV No
Com D+ 1 102 Dalmations TV No
Xma-Fan C+ 1 12 Dates of Christmas TV No
Xms C- 1 12 Days of Christmas Eve TV No
Xma B- 1 12 Men Of Christmas TVM Chenoweth, Kristin TV No
Sci A- 3 12:01 (1993) TVM VID yes
Kid-Spy D+ 1 13 Frightened Girls unintentional camp CAB No
Fan-Com B+ 3 13 Going On 30 Garner, Jennifer DVD Yes
Sus Z 13 Rue Madeleine (1946) --- No
Per-War B- 1 13th Warrior (1999) Vikings TVa No
Hor-Sup C+ 1 1408 (2007) Cusak, John; McCormack, Mary TV No
Doc-Dra Z 1492: Conquest of Paradise --- No
--- Z 15 Minutes (2001) --- No
Cop C 1 16 Blocks TVa No
16 Candles see Sixteen Candles
Tee-Fan C 1 16 Wishes (2010) Ryan, Debby; Wills, Anna Mae CAB No
Tee-Fan C- 1 17 Again TBSHD sound sync over 0.5 sec off TV No
Far D+ 1 1941 (1979) Stander, Lionel TV NO
ZZZ Z 2 Fast 2 Furious 2003 Fast and Furious movie 2 poor review --- No
ZZZ Z 2 Guns (2013) --- No
ZZZ Z 20 Dates --- No
Mon-Sci C 1 20 Million Miles To Earth out of date CAB No
Fan-Adv B+ 3 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (1954) out of date CAB yes
Fan-Adv C 1 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (1997) TV No
Sci B 3 2001: A Space Odyssey Visual extravaganza use fast play TV yes
Sci A 3 2010 (1984) VID yes
Act-Sci B+ 2 2012 (2009) Peet, Amanda; fast play most of last hour TVa yes
Dra B 2 21 (2007) TVe Yes
ZZZ Z-F 1 21 Jump Street --- No
ZZZ Z 1 22 Jump Street CAB No
Mys B+ 1 23 Paces To Baker Street CAB No
--- Z 2307: Winter's Dream (2016) --- No
ZZZ Z 1 24 Hour Party People (2002) CAB No
Rom-Com B+ 2 27 Dresses Heigle, Cat. VID yes
Sci C+ 1 27th Day (1957) Barry, Gene CAB No
Dra B+ 3 28 Days Bullock, Sandra CAB yes
Thr D- 1 28 Days Later TV No
--- N 28 Weeks Later --- No
Act Z 3 Days To Kill (2014) --- No
Wes-Mel D+ 1 3 Godfathers (1948) Wayne, John hokey & out of date even on F-Play CAB No
Fan Z 1 3 Worlds of Gulliver (1960) out of date CAB No
Com Z 30 Minujtes or Less (2011) --- No
--- Z 3000 Miles To Graceland --- No
War-Psy B 1 36 Hours (1965) Garner, James B&W Cinamascope CAB No
Spy B 1 39 Steps (1939) Hitchcock CAB No
Fan-Edu D- 1 3Tails Movie: A Mermaid Adventure aka 3 tails... CAB No
Com-Wes C 1 4 for Texas (1963) aka Four for Texas; good cast CAB No
Ref 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer (cross reference) cross reference
Com D+ 1 40 Days and 40 Nights Sossamon, Shannyn TV No
Com F+ 1 40 Year Old Virgin VID No
Psy-Sci Z 400 Days (2016) --- No
Act Z 47 Ronin (2013) --- No
ZZZ F 1 48 Hours TV No
War Z 1 49th Parallel (1941) out of date CAB No
Dra F+ 1 5 Against the House (1955) Keith, Brian; Conrad, William CAB No
Sci C 1 5 Days To Midnight Matchett, Kari; TV miniseries TV No
Dra B- 1 5 To 7 (2014) Marlohe, Berenice; Yelchin, Anton; slow - requires 1.12x speed CAB No
Dra-Rom B+ 2 50 First Dates Barrymore, Drew TVa Yes
Com-Rom B- 1 50 Ways To Lose Your Lover aka- How To Lose ╔ TV No
Rom-Com Z 1 500 Days of Summer (2009) Deschanel, Zoey TVa No
Fan B- 1 5000 Fingers of Dr T, The CAB No
--- Z 54 (1998) --- No
Sci Z 5th Wave (2016) --- No
Act-Sci B 3 6th Day Schwartzenegger; aka Sixth Day TVa yes
NNN N 7 Days To Live --- No
Fan-Wes B 2 7 Faces Of Dr Lao (1964) Randall, Tony; Eden, Barbara; 1.15x recommended CAB Yes
--- Z 8 1/2 (1963) --- No
Cri N 8 Million Ways To Die (1986) --- No
--- Z 88 Minutes (2008) --- No
--- N 8MM --- No
Ani-Sci B 1 9 (2009) --- No
Ref 9 To 5 see Nine To Five yes
Act C+ 1 A-Team (2010) TV No
--- Z A., C. O. D. aka ACOD --- No
Sci-Dra B 2 A.I. - Artificial Intelligence OK+ in Fast-Play TVa yes
Sci F- 1 A.I. - Assault TV No
Sci C+ 1 A.P.E.X. TV No
Sus D 1 Abandoned video (2010) Murphy, Britanny TV No
Doc-Dra C- 1 ABBA: The Movie just a concert with a dumb cover CAB No
Mon D+ 1 Aberration TV No
Dra B 2 About A Boy Weisz; Grant; TV Yes
Dra-Com C+ 1 About Last Night (1986) Moore, Demi; Lowe TV No
--- Z About Last Night (2014) --- No
Rom-Dra Z 1 About Mrs Leslie (1954) CAB No
Spy-War B+ 2 Above Suspicion (1943) MacMurray; Crawford; the last 1/3 is off a little CAB Yes
--- Z Above the Law (1988) --- No
Hor Z Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter --- No
Com B 3 Absent Minded Professor (1961) MacMurray, Fred; bit slow CAB no
Com C 1 Absent Minded Professor 2 (1963) Son of Flubber TV No
NNN N Absolon --- No
Mus-Dra F+ 1 Absolute Beginners (1986) Really, really falls apart! CAB No
--- Z Absolute Deception (2013) Vaugier, Emmanuelle; aka Deception --- No
Com Z Absolutely Anything (2015) --- No
Com F 1 Absolutely Fabulous: The Last Shout TV No
ZZZ Z Absoute Power (1997) --- No
Act-Sci B 2 Abyss, The use F-Play as needed TVa yes
Rom-Com B- 1 Accidental Husband (2008) Thurman, Uma TV No
Spy-Act B 2 Accidental Spy Chan, Jackie CAB No
Dra C 2 Accidental Tourist Davis, Geena; Only Geena bits are good CAB No
Rom-Com C- 1 Accidentally In Love Hallmark TVM TV No
Dra C+ 1 According to Greta Duff, Hillary TV No
Cri-Com D 1 Ace The Case: Manhatten Mystery mostly follows villains; OK if just watch kids CAB No
Com F 1 Ace Ventura, Nature Calls Carrey, J. CAB No
Com D 1 Ace Ventura, Pet Dectective Carrey, J. CAB No
War C 1 Across the Pacific (1942) Bogart & Astor CAB No
Mus-Dra C+ 1 Across the Universe (2007) 60s homage w/ Beatles covers; cult classic TVa No
War Z Act of Valor (2012) sort of a docudrama --- No
Dra C 1 Ada (1961) out of date CAB No
ZZZ Z Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights --- No
Com-Rom B+ 3 Adam's Rib (1949) Hepburn, K.; Tracy, S.; bit slow / long CAB yes
Dra F 1 Adaptation TV No
Com-Far C+ 2 Addams Family TVa No
Com-Fa B- 1 Addams Family Values TV no
Rom-Com B+ 2 Addicted To Love Ryan, M; Broderic, M TV Yes
Sci-Fan B 2 Adjustment Bureau (2011) slow start echoey sound on recording TVa Yes
Sat B-/C+ 1 Admirable Crichton (1957) aka Paradise Lagoon CAB No
--- Z Admission (2013) --- No
Far C+ 1 Advance To The Rear (1964) CAB No
--- Z Adventure (1945) --- No
Dra-Com B+ Adventure for Two see Demi-Paradise CAB No
Per-Dra C- 1 Adventure In Baltimore (1949) Temple, Shirley; out of date script CAB No
Far D- 1 Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother TV No
ZZZ Z 1 Adventureland (2009) TV No
Com-Adv A 4 Adventures in Babysitting (1987) Shue, Elisabeth VID yes
Com-Tee B 1 Adventures in Babysitting (2016) dumbed it down too much Disney TVM CAB No
C 1 Adventures in Dinosaur City TV No
Lig-Dra C- 1 Adventures in Public School (2017) CAB No
Doc-Dra B+ 1 Adventures In Time & Space TVM (2013) disk 209 in Dr Who about the start of Dr Who TV yes
Com-Fan C-/Z 1 Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988) CAB No
--- Z Adventures of Barry McKenzie (1972) --- No
Cam-Sci C- 1 Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984) out of date camp/cult CAB No
Sci-Far C+ 1 Adventures of Captain Zoom In Outer Space TV No
Ani-Fan C+ 1 Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad (1949) Disney; Mr Toad is good. CAB No
Com-Mys C 1 Adventures of Kitty O'Day (1944) out of date CAB No
Fan-Dra B 1 Adventures of Milo and Otis CAB No
Kid-Fan D- 1 Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl CAB No
ZZZ Z 1 Adventures of the Wilderness Family (1975) CAB No
Ani-Adv B+ 1 Adventures of Tintin (2016) CAB Yes
Sci B 2 Aeon Flux Theron, Charlize; bit slow/stark zoom on player CAB Yes
Com B- 1 Affairs of Annabel (1938) Ball, Lucille CAB No
Com-Mus D+ 1 Affairs of Dobbie Gillis (1953) VERY out of date CAB No
Com-Rom C 1 Affairs Of Martha (1942) CAB No
Com Z Affectionately Yours (1941) --- No
Per-Adv C 1 African Queen out of date CAB No
Mys-Com B 1 After All These Years TVM (2013) Malic, Wendie TVa yes
Sci B- 1 After Earth (2013) Smith, Will TVa No
Det-Com C- 1 After Midnight with Boston Blackie (1943) CAB No
ZZZ Z 1 After The Ball (2015) CAB No
Far-Hei F+ 1 After the Fox (1966) good theme music CAB No
Dra F+ 1 After The Storm TV No
Hei A- 3 After The Sunset Brosnan; Hayck VID Yes
--- Z After The Wizard (2011) --- No
NNN N 1 Afterglow TV No
Adv C+ 1 Against All Flags (1952) CAB No
Dra-Cri F+ 1 Against All Odds (1984) bunch of dumb ass loser characters CAB No
War-Spy C- 1 Against the Wind (1948) TV No
Dra C 1 Agatha (1979) CAB No
Mys B 2 Agatha Christie's Man In The Brown Suit Zimbalist, Stephanie; TVM TV No
Dra-Fan B+ 1 Age Of Adaline (2015) Ford, Harrison; Lively, Blake TVa Yes
Dra Z 1 Age of Innocence (1993) CAB No
Per-Fan B 2 Agent Carter (2015) Marvel's mini-series TVe Yes
Spy-Tee B/B+ 2 Agent Cody Banks Harmon, Angie TVa Yes
Tee-spy C 1 Agent Cody Banks 2 Destination London Spearritt, Hannah CAB No
Spy-Tee C 1 Agent Cody Banks 2 Destination London TV No
Dra-Com B- 1 Air Bud TV No
War C+ 1 Air Force (1943) out of date CAB No
Thr B+ 3 Air Force 1 Ford, Harrison; not EyeTV editable TVe Yes
Com D+ 1 Airplane! TV No
Drama B+ 2 Airport (1970) Hayes, Helen CABe Yes
Kid-Dra B 1 Akeelah and the Bee TV No
Ani-Sci C 1 Akira Japanese animation TV No
Ani-Fan B- 1 Aladdin (1992) Disney mus-com, too farcical CAB No
--- Z Aladdin and the Death Lamp (2012) --- No
Ani-Fan D- 1 Aladdin and the Forty Thieves (1998) Disney TV CAB No
Rom-Com C+ 1 Alchemy TVM TV No
Rom-Com B 2 Alex & Emma TVa Yes
Kid-Com D 1 Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (2014) CAB No
Mus Z+ 1 Alexander's Ragtime Band (1938) out of date CAB No
Act-Spy B+ 2 Alias TV series pilot only TV no
Fan B+ 2 Alice (2009) SyFy mini-series TV Yes
Dra C 1 Alice Adams (1935) Hepburn, K.; very out of date CAB No
Ani B 2 Alice In Wonderland (1950) Disney TVa yes
Fan A+ 2 Alice In Wonderland (2010) Depp, J; VID Yes
Fan B- 1 Alice Through The Looking Glass (1998) Beckinsale, Kate TV No
Fan B+ 1 Alice Through The Looking Glass (2017) OK to record again CAB Yes
Dra C+ 2 Alice's Restaurant VID Yes
Sci-Hor B 4 Alien (1) Weaver, Sigourney; getting slow with age TVe yes
Sci-Thr B+ 3 Alien (2) Aliens Weaver, Sigourney TVa yes
Sci-Thr D+ 1 Alien (3) Weaver, Sigourney TV No
Sci-Thr B- 2 Alien (4) Resurection Weaver; Ryder TVa No
Sci F 1 Alien Apocalypse very low budget TVM TV No
Sci Z Alien Arrival (2017) aka Arrowhead --- No
Sci B 1 Alien Cargo TV No
Sci C 1 Alien Fury TVM TV No
Sci C- 1 Alien Hunter TVM TV No
Sci-Monn D- 1 Alien Lockdown SciFi TVM TV No
Pol-Sci C- 1 Alien Nation CAB No
--- N Alien Vs. Hunter --- NO
Act-Mon B 2 Alien Vs. Predator TVe Yes
Kid-Sci D+ 1 Aliens Ate My Homework (2018) CAB No
Com-Sci B/B+ 2 Aliens In The Attic TVa yes
Dra A Alive (1993) --- No
Xma Z 1 All About Christmas Eve TVM TVa No
Dra-Com B 2 All About Steve Bullock, Sandra; weak start, good end TVa Yes
Com C+ 1 All At Sea (1957) Guiness, A.; aka Barnacle Bill CAB No
--- Z All I Want For Christmas (2013) TVM --- No
Com-Fan C+ 1 All Of Me (1984) Martin, S.; Tomlin, L TV No
Dra Z All Or Nothing (2002) --- No
Com-Fan C+ 1 All She Wishes (2015) Duffy, Julia CAB No
Com-Dra C+ 1 All That Heaven Allows Wyman; Hudson TV No
--- Z 1 All That Money Can Buy see Devil & Daniel Webster --- No
Doc-Dra B+ 1 All The President's Men (1976) Redford; Hoffman; Robards; impressive, long, use 1.1x CAB No
Dra Z All This and Heaven Too (1940) 2.5hrs --- No
Spy-Com C+ 1 All Through the Night (19420 Bogart; Demarest; Fun but out of date ww2 propaganda CAB No
Lig-Dra C 1 All Yours Hallmark TVM (2016) Sheridan, Nicollette; Fast Played TV No
Per-Dra C+ 1 Allegeny Uprising (1939) Wayne, John; out of date attitudes CAB No
Hor D- 1 Alligator TV No
Fan Z 1 Almighty Thor (2011) TV No
Lig-Draa B- 1 Almost an Angel Hogan, Paul TV No
Roc-Dra B 1 Almost Famous Hudson, Kate TV No
Almost Hollywood TV No
Rom-Com Z Aloha (2015) --- No
--- Z Alone In The Dark (2005) --- No
Mys-Cop B 1 Along Came A Nanny (2014) Lancaster, Sarah; Hallmark TVM TVa No
ZZZ N Along Came A Spider --- No
Wes-Com B 1 Along Came Jones Cooper, Gary CAB No
Com Z 1 Along Came Polly TV No
Ani-Fan Z Alpha and Omega (2010) --- No
Com-Det C- 1 Alphabet Murders (1965) Ekberg, Anita; Randall, Tony CAB No
Sci D- 1 Altered States TV No
Com D- 1 Alvin and the Chipmunks TV No
Dra C 1 Always (1989) Speilberg TVM TV No
Lig-Com C 1 Always a Bride (1953) out of date, used 1.2x CAB No
Rom D 1 Always and Forever (2009) Hallmark TVM TV No
Sci C- 1 Amanda And the Alien TVM TV No
Fan-Act B 2 Amazing Spider-Man 1, (2012) Stone, Emma; too depressing & tragic TVe Yes
Fan-Act D+ 1 Amazing Spider-Man 2, (2014) dumb, dull, & depressing TVa No
Sci B 1 Amazing Stories the Movies II TV No
Com Z Ambassador's Daughter (1956) --- No
Com C+ 1 America's Sweethearts (2001) TVa No
Dra N American Beauty --- No
Dra C- 1 American Gigolo Gere, Richard TV No
Kid Z 1 American Girl: Saige Paints The Sky (2013) TV No
Dra B 3 American Graffiti TV yes
NNN N American Heart --- No
ZZZ N 1 American Hustle (2013) CAB No
Tee D+ 1 American Pie TV No
Rom B+ 3 American President, The TVa yes
War N American Sniper (2015) --- No
Ani-Kid D+ 1 American Tail 3, Treasure of Manhatten Island musical CAB No
Ani-Kid C 1 American Tail, An CAB No
Act Z American Ultra (2015) --- No
Fan B- 1 American Werewolf In London (1981) Agutter, Jenny; Naughton, David TV No
Hor Z American Werewolf In London (1997) --- No
Dra-Com B+ 3 Americanization of Emily Garner, J; Andrews, J.; bit old & long. use 1.2x CAB yes
Com C+ 1 Americas Sweetharts Crystal, B; Roberts, J. TV No
Hor Z Amityville Horror either one --- No
Rom-Com B- 1 An Affair To Remember Grant, C.; Kerr, D TV No
Com-Mus C+ 1 An Alligator Named Daisy (1955) CAB No
Mus-Rom B 1 An American In Paris (1951) Foch, Nina CAB No
Dra-Mys B- 1 An Amish Murder (2013) Campbell, Neve TVM TVa No
Per-Dra B- 1 An Education (2009) Mulligan, Carey CAB No
Per-Com B- 1 An Ideal Husband (1949) Johns, Glynis; very complex, hard to track characters CAB No
Per-Dra C- 1 An Ideal Husband (1999) good cast but tedious CAB No
Maf N 1 Analyze This TV No
Ani-Mus C+ 1 Anastasia (1997) Ryan, Meg; Lansbury, Angela CAB No
Dra B- 1 And So It Goes (2014) Douglas and Keaton; at 1.13x CAB No
Mys B 2 And Then There Were None (1945) Young, Roland; use time compression CAB No
Mys Z 1 And Then There Were None (2015) BBC miniseries unlikable characters! TV No
Com-Sci C 1 And You Thought Your Parents Were Weird TVa No
Cri C+ 1 Anderson Tapes (1971) Connery, Sean CAB No
ZZZ Z 1 Andre TV No
Sci C+ 1 Android (1982) ultra-low budget TV No
Sci Z Android Cop (2014) --- No
Sci B- 2 Andromeda Strain TV No
Sci B 1 Andromeda Strain (2008) mini-series TV No
Com Z 1 Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble #14 out of date CAB No
Wes-Rom C++ 1 Angel and the Badman Wayne; Russel, Gail CAB No
Dra Z Angel Baby (1961) --- No
Dra C 1 Angel Eyes Lopez, J TV No
Dra-Fan C+ 1 Angel in the Family Hallmark TVM TV No
Fan Z 1 Angel On My Shoulder (1946) boring TV No
Act-Sus B+ 2 Angels & Demons incomplete editing info? TVe Yes
Kid C 1 Angels in the Attic TV No
Dra-Com C 1 Angels in the Endzone (1997) TVM TV No
Dra-Com C 1 Angels In The Outfield (1951) TV No
Dra-Com B- 1 Angels In The Outfield (1994) TV No
Dra B 1 Angie Davis, Geena TV No
Xma C- 1 Angry Angel TVM TVa No
War Z 1 Angry Hills (1959) CAB No
Tee C+ 1 Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging TV No
Ref 2 Animal House Belushi, John; see National Lampoon's.... TV No
Com Z Animal, The (2001) --- No
Ani C+ 1 Animatrix TV No
Fan=Mys C+ 1 Annabelle Hooper & the Ghosts of Nantucket CAB No
Dra A 2 Anne Of Green Gables Fellows, Megan PBS yes
Dra A 2 Anne Of Green Gables sequel (2001) Fellows, Megan PBS yes
Xma Z 1 Annie Claus Is Coming to Town. TVM TV No
Mus C 1 Annie Get Your Gun (1950) CAB No
ZZZ Z 1 Anniversary Party (2001) boring CAB No
Sci D+ 1 Anonymous Re TVM TV No
Tee D- 1 Another Cinderella Story Gomez, Selena TVM TV No
Pol-Com C 1 Another Stakeout TV No
Rom-Mys C+ 1 Another Woman (1994) TVM TV No
Sci-Fan B+ 1 Ant-Man (2015) aka Antman TVa Yes
ZZZ Z 1 Anthony Adverse (1936) severely out of date CAB No
Sci D 1 Antibody TVM TV No
Sus B 1 Antitrust (2001) TV No
Ani D+ 1 Antz TV No
Spo N Any Given Sunday --- No
Com B- 2 Any Wednesday Fonda, Jane; Jones, Dean; too slow CAB No
Com D 1 Any Which Way You Can sequel Eastwood, Clint TV No
Dra D+ 1 Anywhere But Here Sarandan; Portman VID No
Dra B- 1 Apartment, The Lemmon; MacClain CAB No
ZZZ Z 1 Apocalypto (2006) 100% subtitled TV No
Dra A+ 3 Apollo 13 (1998) TVa yes
Sci Z Apollo 18 (2011) --- No
Ani F 1 Appleseed Japanimation TV No
Ani-Sci B 1 April and the Extraordinary World (2015) French CAB No
Tee-Rom B- 1 Aquamarine (2006) TV No
Spy A- 3 Arabesque (1966) Loren, S; Peck, G CAB yes
Fan B 1 Arabian Nights (2006) miniseries TV No
Mon C 1 Arachnid TV No
Sci B 3 Arachnophobia TVa Yes
--- Z Are You Here (2013-14) --- No
Doc-Dra Z 1 Argo (2012) TVa No
Ani-Kid Z 1 Aristocats Disney CAB No
Act-Sci B- 2 Armageddon Tyler, Liv TV No
Act Z Armour of God: Operation Condor see Op. Condor --- No
Fan-Com C- 1 Army of Darkness Campbell, Bruce TV No
Dra-Com B 2 Around the World in 80 Days (1956) grandiose & out of date works only in F-Play mode CAB Yes
Com-Adv B 2 Around the World in 80 Days (2004) Chan, Jackie; silly TVa Yes
--- z Arrangement (1969) --- No
Ani-Fan A 2 Arrietty Studio Ghibli, includes Pom Poko VID Yes
Sci B+ 1 Arrival (2016) Adams, Amy; difficult subject well handled but slow. use 1.1-1.2x CAB Yes
Sci B 4 Arrival, (1) The Sheen, Charlie VID yes
Sci C+ 1 Arrival, (2) Second Arrival Sibbett, Jane; VID Yes
Det-Com B+ 1 Arsene Lupin (1932) L & J Barrymore; Pretty damn good actually CAB No
Det-Mys B- 1 Arsene Lupin Returns (1938) hard to tell characters apart CAB No
Com B- 1 Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) Grant, Cary CAB No
Com-Rom B- 1 Art of Love (1965) Garner; Van Dyke; Sommers; falls apart half way thru, good titles CAB No
Hei C+ 1 Art of the Steal (2013) Russell, Kurt TVa No
Dra-Com B- 1 Arthur (1981) super acting, moments, & end, weak in spots CAB No
Com-Dra B 2 Arthur (2011) short version is better good cast TVa Yes
Ani-Fan B+ 1 Arthur and the Invisibles (2006) CAB Yes
Ani-Fan B-C+ 1 Arthur Christmas TV No
ZZZ F 1 As Good As It Gets TV No
Dra Z 1 Assassination Tango (2002) CAB NO
Hei B- 1 Assault On A Queen (1966) CAB No
Com B- 1 Associate, The Goldberg, Whoopie TV No
Ani-Sci B++ 2 Astroboy aka Astro Boy TVa Yes
Dra B- 1 Astronaut Farmer TV No
Sci D- 1 Astronaut's Wife TV No
--- N Asura: City of Madness (2016) --- No
--- Z At Any Price (2012) --- No
Sci D 1 At Earth's Core Munroe, Caroline; classic bad SciFi CAB No
Dra B 1 At First Sight (1999) Sorvino, M; Kilmer, V TV No
ZZZ F 1 At War With The Army old Martin & Lewis CAB No
Fan Z Atlantis, The Lost Continent (1961) --- No
Ani-Fan B 2 Atlantis: (1) The Lost Empire Disney CAB yes
Ani D+ 1 Atlantis: (2) Milo's Return Disney CAB No
Dra C- 1 Atomic Twister TVM TV No
Sci D+ 1 Attack of the 50' Woman (1958) so bad it's camp CAB No
Sci B 1 Attack of the 50' Woman (1993) Hannah, Daryl TV No
Sci-Mon C- 1 Attack the Block (2011) TV No
Rom-Com B 3 Au Pair Lenhart, Heidi Noelle; TVM TVa yes
Com D+ 1 Au Pair II TV No
Lig-Com C- 1 Au Pair III TV No
--- Z August Rush (2007) --- No
Dra C+ 1 Auntie Mame (1958) Russel, Rosalind TV No
Mys B- 1 Aurora Teagarden Mys (2015) A Bone To Pick Doig, Lexa TVa No
Mys B 1 Aurora Teagarden Mys (2015) Real Murders Doig, Lexa TVa No
Mys B- 1 Aurora Teagarden Mys (2016) Julius House Doig, Lexa TV No
Mys B- 1 Aurora Teagarden Mys (2016) Three Bedrooms, One Corpse Doig, Lexa TV No
Mys B 1 Aurora Teagarden Mys (2017) A Bundle of Trouble Doig, Lexa TVa No
Mys B- 1 Aurora Teagarden Mys (2017) Dead Over Heels Doig, Lexa TV No
Mys B 1 Aurora Teagarden Mys (2018) Reap What You Sew Doig, Lexa; 1.15x TVa No
Mys C+ 1 Aurora Teagarden Mys (2018) Disappearing Game Doig, Lexa; 1.15x TVa No
Mys B 1 Aurora Teagarden Mys (2018) The Last Scene Doig, Lexa; good at 1.3x TVa No
Spy-Far F 1 Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery Doig, Lexa TV No
ZZZ Z 1 Author! Author! (1982) CAB No
Dra-Tra C+ 1 Autumn In New York (2001) Ryder, Wynona TV No
--- Z Autumn Leaves (1956) --- no
Sci D+ 1 Avalon Beyond The Abyss TV No
Tee-Fan B- 1 Avalon High Disney TVM CAB No
Com-Rom B 2 Avanti! (1972) Mills, Juliet; gentle, delicate, delightful but old; bit grainy. w/ a hiss CAB Yes
Sci-Act A 2 Avatar Weaver, Sigourney TVa Yes
Spy B+ 3 Avengers Thurman, Uma CAB yes
Bio Z 1 Aviator, The (2004) 3hr movie - gave up at about 90min CAB no
Dra A 1 Awakenings TV No
ZZZ Z 1 Away We Go TV No
Rom-Com B 2 Awful Truth (1937) Grant; Dunne; tad slow CAB Yes
Hor Z 1 Babadook (2014) CAB No
Ani-Com C 1 Babar TV No
Fan B 2 Babe (1) (1995) Cromwell, James; use 1.2x at least last 1/3 CAB No
Fan D 1 Babe (2) Pig In The City TV No
Dra-Thr N Babel (2006) --- No
--- Z Babes In Toyland (1986) --- No
Com D 1 Baby Boom (1987) Keaton, Diane TV No
Com-Kid C- 1 Baby Geniuses Cattrall, Kim TV No
Com Z 1 Baby Mama TV No
Dra Z Baby, The Rain Must Fall (1965) --- No
Act C+ 1 Babylon AD (2008) Yeoh, Michelle TVa No
Dra F 1 Babysitter, The (1995) TV No
Hor D+ 1 Babysitter, The Netflix (2017) Bibb, Leslie; Waring, Samara; gross scenes destroyed it CAB No
Dra D+ 1 Babysitter's Seduction TV No
Com Z 1 Babysitters Club aka Baby-sitters Club TV No
Com B- 3 Bachelor And The Bobby Soxer Grant; Loy; Temple; fast-play CAB yes
Com B 2 Bachelor Mother Ginger Rogers; David Niven CAB No
Com B- 2 Bachelor Party Kitaen, T; Hanks, T. TVa No
Rom-Com B- 1 Bachelor, The TV No
--- Z Bachelorette (2012) --- No
Dra C-/D+ 1 Bachelors (2017) Rush, Odeya CAB No
Per-Dra B+ 3 Back Home Mills, Haley CAB yes
Com C+ 1 Back To School (1986) TVa No
Sci-Com A 5 Back to the Future Fox, Michael Vid yes
Sci-Com C+ 3 Back To The Future 2 Fox, Michael Vid yes
Sci-Com B+ 5 Back to the Future 3 Fox, Michael Vid yes
Dra Z 1 Back To You and Me. Hallmark TVM TV No
Dra C- 1 Back When We Were Grownups TVM TV No
Rom-Com B- 1 Back-Up Plan, The (2010) Lopez, Jennifer TV No
Dra-Act B 2 Backdraft Russell, Kurt TV No
War-Spy B- 1 Background to Danger (1943) CAB No
Dra-Rom D+ 1 Backyard Wedding TVM Fisher, Fran; Witt, Alicia; Post, Markie; good cast TV No
Dra N Bad and the Beautiful --- No
Dra N Bad Boys (1983) --- No
Cop-Cri B- 1 Bad Boys (1995) Smith, Will; Leoni, Tea; good end TV No
Spy D 1 Bad Company (1995) TV No
Act-Spy B++ 3 Bad Company (2002) Hopkins, Anthony; Violent- edited is good TVe Yes
--- Z Bad For Each Other (1953-54) --- No
Wes C+ 1 Bad Girls MacDowell, Andie TV No
Com-Pol B- 1 Bad Hair Day (2015) Disney TVM, fun but slow in spots CAB No
ZZZ Z Bad Match (2017) abandoned during editing CAB No
ZZZ F 1 Bad Santa Graham, Lauren TV No
Com C+ 1 Bad Teacher (2011) Diaz, Cameron; Dever, Kaitlyn TVa No
Dra F 1 Bad To The Bone Swanson, Kristy TV No
Com C+ 1 Bad Words (2014) at1.13x. Adult Com-Better than reviews indicate. good cast TVa No
DRA B 1 Bailey's Mistake TV No
Com B 2 Ball of Fire (1941) Cooper; Stanwyck; tad too long CAB yes
Wes N Ballad of Josie --- No
Fan-Kid C+ 1 Balloon Farm TV No
Ani-Dra D+ 1 Balto (1995) CAB No
Ani-Dra A- 1 Bambi TV No
Per-Dra Z Band of Angels (1957) --- No
Mus C- 1 Band Wagon (1953) out of date, minimal dancing CAB No
Com-Wes A- 2 Bandidas (2006) Hayek & Cruz VID Yes
Cri Z 1 Bandits (2001) TVa No
Wes F+ 1 Bandolero (1968) Welch; Martin; Stewart; TV No
Dra A+ 3 Banger Sisters, The Hawn, Goldie VID Yes
Act Z Bangkok Dangerous (2008) --- No
--- Z Bank Dick (1940) Fields, WC --- No
Cri-Dra D+ 1 Bank Job (2008) TV No
Com-Hei B 1 Bank Shot (1974) CAB No
Sci-Thr C- 1 Barb Wire (1996) Anderson, Pamela Lee TV No
Sci-Fan B 2 Barbarella Fonda, Jane; 87/00 CAB yes
Dra B 1 Barbarian and the Geisha Wayne, John TV No
Dra Z 1 Barcelona TV No
Com B 1 Barefoot Executive Russell, Kurt TVa no
Com-Rom C+ 1 Barefoot In The Park Fonda, J.; Redford, R. CAB No
Tee-Spy B 1 Barely Lethal (2015) Alba, Jessica CAB Yes
ZZZ F 1 Barfly TV No
Doc Z Barge (2015-16) --- No
ZZZ F 1 Bark! TV No
Mus C 1 Barkleys of Broadway (1949) Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair CAB No
Dra-Com Z Barnacle Bill (1941) Beery & Main --- No
Com C+ 1 Barnacle Bill (1957) see All At Sea CAB No
Ani Z 1 Barnyard TV No
Dra Z Barton Fink (1991) --- No
ZZZ F 1 Basic (2003) TVa No
Thr-Ero B 2 Basic Instinct Stone, S; Douglas, M CAB yes
ZZZ N Bat 21 --- No
Fan B 4 Batman (1989) The Joker would be a better name TVe yes
Fan C 1 Batman (1992) Returns TV No
Fan C 1 Batman (1995) Forever Kilmer, V; Kidman, N. TV No
Act-Fan B 2 Batman (1997) & Robin Thurman, Uma; old style Batman camp VID Yes
Act-Fan B 2 Batman (2005) Begins Dark! Too long. Tad better edited TVe Yes
Fan-Cri D+ 1 Batman (2008) Dark Knight TV No
Cri-Fan D- 1 Batman (2012) Dark Knight Rises Hathaway, Anne; dumb, mostly villains TVa No
Act-Fan Z Batman v Superman - Dawn of Justice (2016) --- No
Sci A- 4 Batteries Not Included Pena, Elizabeth VID yes
Ani-Sci B 1 Battle For Terra (2007) aka Terra CAB No
Sci Z 1 Battle Los Angeles TV No
Sci Z Battlefield Earth (2000) --- No
Act-Sci B 2 Battleship (2012) minimal intellectual content! edited is better but only a bit TVe yes
Sci D 1 Battlestar Galactica (2003) SciFi TV miniseries TV No
Sci F 1 Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome TV No
Far-Mob D 1 Be Cool Travolta; Thurman TV No
Dra Z Beaches (1988) --- No
Com C 1 Bean (1997) TV No
Sci C+ 1 Beast from 20,000 Fathoms CAB No
Wes-Mon D 1 Beast of Hollow Mountain (1956) very low budget! CAB No
Hor C 1 Beast With Five Fingers (1946) Lore, Peter; strange CAB No
Sci C 1 Beast, The TV movie, 4 hr TV No
Fan-Adv B 2 Beastmaster Singer, Marc TV yes
Fan-Adv B- 2 Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time TV no
Fan-Adv C- 1 Beastmaster 3: The Eye Of Braxus TV No
Dra Z 1 Beat the Devil (1953) Bogart: Lorre CAB No
Lig-Dra C+ 1 Beautician and the Beast (1997) Drescher, Fran; Dalton, Timothy CAB No
Dra Z Beautiful Creatures (2001) --- No
Fan Z Beautiful Creatures (2013) --- No
NNN Z 1 Beautiful Girl TVM TV No
Dra F 1 Beautiful Girls (1996) TV No
Dra-Bio B- 1 Beautiful Mind, A (2001) TV No
Rom-Com C+ 1 Beauty Turner, Janine TV No
Ani-Mus C 1 Beauty and the Beast (1991) Disney OK at 1.2x CAB No
Rom-Com D+ 1 Beauty and the Briefcase TV No
Ani-Com Z Bebe's Kids --- No
Com-Rom B 2 Because I Said So Keaton; Moore; Graham; Perabo TVa yes
Fam-Dra B- 1 Because of Winn-Dixie TV No
Per-Dra B 1 Becoming Jane (2007) Hathaway, Jane; falls apart at the mid-point CAB No
Rom-Com B 3 Bed Of Roses Masterson, Mary S. VID yes
--- Z 1 Bed Sitting Room, The (1969) --- No
Com D 1 Bedazzled (1967) Cook, Peter TV No
Com B 2 Bedazzled (2000) Hurley, Elizabeth; Hurley rocks! CAB Yes
Sus-War B- 1 Bedford Incident (1965) negative end CAB No
Fan B 2 Bedknobs and Broomsticks Lansbury, A. CAB no
Dra Z Bedlam (1946) --- No
Com B 2 Bedtime Stories might work at 1.2x speed. too silly CAB yes
Com C- 1 Bedtime Story (1941) Young, Loretta; out of date CAB No
Ani-Fan B- 1 Bee Movie TV No
Com B 2 Beethoven the dog TVa No
Com C- 1 Beethoven's 2nd the dog; Hunt, Bonnie; Mazar, D TV No
Com F 1 Beethoven's 3rd the dog TV No
Fan-Com A- 4 Beetlejuice Davis, Geena; aka Beetle Juice TVa yes
Dra Z Before Midnight (2013) movie 3 --- No
Dra C+ 1 Before Sunrise (1995) movie 1 TV No
Dra Z Before Sunset (2004) movie 2 --- No
--- Z Before We Go (2014) --- No
Fan-Rom B- 1 Before You Say "I Do" TV No
ZZZ F 1 Beguiled, The TV No
Act Z Behind Enemy Lines (2001) bad camera work --- No
Dra F 1 Being Human TV No
Fan C 1 Being John Malkovich (1999) very weird good cast CAB No
Com-Far B 1 Being There (1979) Sellers; MacLaine TV No
Com-Fan C 1 Bell, Book and Candle Novak, Kim; Stewart, J CAB No
Ani Z Belladonna of Sadness Japanimaiton (1973) --- No
Rom-Mus C 1 Bells Are Ringing (1960) Holiday, Judy; Martin, Dean; From a play. Judy sells it. CAB No
Dra B 1 Bells Go Down (1943) Mason, James CAB No
Dra C+ 1 Bells On Their Toes Loy, Myrna TV No
Sus Z Below (2002) --- No
Hor Z Ben (1972) --- No
Per-Tra C- 2 Ben Hur (1959) long, slow, out of date classic - even time compressed CAB No
Tee-Dra C+ 1 Bend It Like Beckham Knightly, Keira TV No
Dog-Kid C- 1 Benji (1974) very out of date even on Fast-play CAB No
Dra C+ 1 Benny & Joon (1993) Depp, J; Masterson, Mary TV No
Fan Z 1 Beowulf (2007) video game level animation boring TV No
Fan-Dra Z 1 Bespoke Overcoat (1955) CAB No
Com Z Best Defense (1984) --- No
Mus-Com C- 1 Best Foot Forward (1943) patriotic smaltz CAB No
ZZZ Z 1 Best In Show TV No
Dra B 1 Best Man, The (1964) Fonda, Henry CAB No
ZZZ Z 1 Best Man, The (1999) Diggs, T. TV No
Rom-Com B 2 Best Man, Worst Friend (2005) Ashfield, K; Green, S; aka The Best Man & Unhitched TVa Yes
Dra B- 1 Best Of Everything (1959) Parker, Suzy TV No
--- Z Best Of Me (2014) --- No
NNN N Best of the Best --- No
--- Z Best of Times (1986) --- No
NNN N Best Seller TV No
War-Spy C- 1 Betrayed (1954) Mature, Victure CAB No
Com-Dra Z Better Living Through Chemistry (2014) --- No
Dra-Fan Z Between Two Worlds (1944) --- No
Com C 1 Beverly Hillbillies TV No
Com-Fan C 1 Beverly Hills Chihuahua Perabo, Piper TV No
Pol-Com B 1 Beverly Hills Cop TV No
Com C+ 1 Beverly Hills Family Robinson TV No
Com C+ 1 Bewitched (2005) Darin poorly done TV No
--- Z Beyond A Resonable Doubt either one --- No
Fan D- 1 Beyond Sherwood Forest Durance, Erica TV No
Fan-Mel D+ 1 Beyond Tomorrow (1940) very out of date CAB No
Ani-Fan A- 1 BFG, Ronald Dahl's The (2016) Kid's. Live action/animated CAB Yes
Tee-Mus D+ 1 Bibi & Tina (2014) Teen Musical Fantasy. Very odd. CAB No
Sci-Dra A- 2 Bicentenial Man little slow & long TVa Yes
Fan B+ 3 Big Hanks, Tom TV Yes
Mon-Com Z Big Ass Spider (2013) --- No
--- Z Big Bang (2010-11) --- No
--- Z Big Bounce (2004) --- No
--- Z Big Cube (1969) --- No
--- Z Big Daddy (1999) --- No
Kid-Com C+ 1 Big Fat Liar (2002) TV No
Dra-Fan B+ 2 Big Fish TVa Yes
Act-Adv A- 1 Big Game (2014) not your typical action movie TVa Yes
Tee Z Big Girls Don't Cry╔ They Get Even TV No
Ani-Sci B+ 1 Big Hero 6 (2014) Disney TVa Yes
Wes C 1 Big Jake (1971) Wayne, John; too violent TVa No
Dra Z 1 Big Jim Mclain (1952) Wayne, John CAB No
Doc-Dra B 1 Big Miracle (2012) Barrymore, Drew; Bell, Kristen TVa No
--- Z Big Picture (1989) --- No
Det-Mys A- 2 Big Sleep (1946) Bogart & Bacall; needs 1.15-1.20X not VLC compatible CAB Yes
Dra-Com B 1 Big Time, The (2001) Ringwald, Molly; TVM TV No
Wes C- 1 Big Trail, The Wayne, John; very old TV No
Com B 2 Big Trouble (2002) Allen, Tim; so absurd it's funny CAB yes
Fan-Act B 3 Big Trouble In Little China Russel, K; Cattrall, Kim; rather camp TVa Yes
Com B- 1 Big Year (2011) TVa No
--- Z Bigger Than The Sky (2005) --- No
Sci B 3 Biggles: Adventures in Time B budget fun. unintentional camp TVa yes
Kid C- 1 Billboard Dad TVM TV No
ZZZ Z 1 Billy Liar (1963) CAB No
Mel Z Biloxi Blues (1988) --- No
Per-Dra C 1 Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings (1976) CAB No
Com F 1 Biodome (1996) aka Bio-dome TV No
Mys-Fan C 1 Bionic Showdown - 6M$ man and Bionic Woman Bullock, Sandra; TVM TV No
Com C 1 Bird on a Wire Hawn, Goldie TV No
Com D+ 1 Birdcage Baranski, Christine TV No
Thr B 2 Birds (1963) TV No
Thr C 1 Birds II: Lands End Field, Chelsea; TVM TV No
ZZZ Z 1 Birth (2004) TV No
--- Z Birthday Girl (2001) --- No
Dra-Com B 3 Bishop's Wife Grant, Cary TV yes
NNN N Black And Blue --- No
Adv-Hor C 1 Black Book (1949) original title Reign of Terror CAB No
Det B 1 Black Cat (1936) a Perry Mason movie CAB No
Act Z Black Dog (1998) --- No
Fan C+ 1 Black Forest SyFy TVM (2012) TV No
War N Black Hawk Down --- No
Sci B 3 Black Hole (1979) CAB yes
ZZZ Z Black Hole (2006) --- No
NNN N Black Rain --- No
Sus Z Black Sunday (1977) too long to try 3* suspense --- No
Adv D+ 1 Black Swan (1942) out of date! CAB No
ZZZ N Black Swan (2010) --- No
Mys-Sus C+ 1 Black Widow (1954) Rogers, Ginger CAB No
Sus B- 1 Black Widow (1987) Winger, Debra; Russell, Theresa; B- when speeded up to 115% CAB No
Dra D- 1 Blackbeard Hallmark? TV No
--- Z Blackhat (2015) --- No
Mys Z Blackout (1954) --- No
--- N Blade (1998) --- No
Sci D+ 1 Blade Runner Ford, Harrison TV No
Com C+ 1 Blame It On Rio Caine, Michael CAB No
Ani-Sci B- 1 Blame! (2017) Dubbed Japanese Netflix movie. A bit slow. CAB No
Com C 1 Blank Check TV No
--- Z Blankman (1994) --- No
Com B+ 2 Blast From The Past TVa Yes
Far C- 2 Blazing Saddles TV No
Rom-Com Z Blended (2014) Barrymore, Drew --- No
Dra-Mys B+ 2 Bletchley Circle mini-series See TV CABe Yes
ZZZ Z 1 Blind Date (1934) Sothern, Anne CAB No
Com C- 1 Blind Date (1987) TV No
Bio-Spo A- 2 Blind Side Bullock, Sandra TVe yes
--- N Blindness (2008) --- No
Ani Z 1 Blinky Bill CAB No
Fan-Com B 1 Blithe Spirit (1945) Harrison, Rex; Rutherford, Margaret; Bit old but fun. The end is weak. CAB No
Hor D 1 Blob, The (1958) TV No
Hor D+ 1 Blob, The (1988) Smith, Shawnee; Has a better end TV No
Com C 1 Block-Heads (1938) Lauryl & Hardy; very out of date CAB No
Rom-Com C+ 1 Blonde Ambition Simpson, Jessica TV No
--- - - Blonde Bombshell (1933) see Bombshell --- No
Com D+ 1 Blonde Inspiration (1941) out of date B budget pulp CAB No
Com D 1 Blondie Has Servant Trouble CAB No
Dra-Adv B+ 2 Blood Alley (1955) Wayne, John; F-play last 30 min CAB yes
Fan Z Blood and Chocolate (2007) --- No
Fan-Hor C 1 Blood Angels TV No
--- Z Blood Diamond --- No
--- Z Blood Stripe (2017) --- No
NNN N Blood Work --- No
Fan-Hor F 1 Bloodrayne TV No
NNN N Blow --- No
Thr-Dra F+ 1 Blow-Out (1981) Travolta & Allen, Nancy; aka Blow Out ends badly TVa No
ZZZ Z 1 Blue Crush TV No
ZZZ Z 1 Blue Desert TV No
Sus-Dra C- 1 Blue Gardenia (1953) Sothern, Ann; too slow & not a mystery CAB No
Dra Z Blue Jasmine (2013) Woody Allen melodrama --- No
Dra C 1 Blue Lagoon Very slow TV No
War C- 1 Blue Max CAB No
NNN N Blue Silver --- No
Act-Com Z Blue Steak (1999) --- No
Act C- 1 Blue Thunder TV No
Com B- 1 Blues Brothers (1980) Belushi & Aykroyd CAB No
--- Z Blues In The Night (1941) --- No
--- Z Boat Trip (2003) --- No
Dra F 1 Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice CAB No
Pol-Sat C- 1 Bob Roberts TV No
Com-Rom B+ 2 Bob The Butler Shields, B; Green, T CAB Yes
Com Bobby Sox TV no
Dra D- 1 Body Chemistry TV No
Cri N Body Head --- No
--- Z Body of Lies (2008) --- No
His-Hor F 1 Body Snatcher (1945) out of date! CAB No
Dra B+ 3 Bodyguard. (1992) Costner, Kevin TVa yes
Dra C 1 Bogus Goldberg, Whoopie TV No
--- N Boiler Room (2000) --- No
Ani-Ady B 2 Bolt (2008) CAB Yes
War D+ 1 Bombardier (1943) extremely out of date CAB No
Sat Z 1 Bombshell (1933) lots of out of date yelling Harlow, Jean CAB No
Sci D- 1 Bombshell (1996) Gidley, Pamela TV No
Act-Cop C- 1 Bon Cop, Bad Cop (2006) Too much subtitling & violence CAB No
Spy B 4 Bond 01 (1962) Doctor No Sean Connery; Andress, Ursula TVa yes
Spy-Adv B 3 Bond 02 (1963) From Russia With Love Sean Connery (tad out of date) TVa yes
Spy-Adv B 4 Bond 03 (1964) Goldfinger Sean Connery (bit slow) TVa yes
Spy-Adv B- 4 Bond 04 (1965) Thunderball Sean Connery (try new edit, was too long) TVe yes
Spy-Adv B 5 Bond 05 (1967) You Only Live Twice Sean Connery TVe yes
Spy-Adv B+ 5 Bond 06 (1969) On Her Majesties Secret Service George Lazenby; Rigg, Diana. (too long) TVe yes
Spy-Adv B+ 6 Bond 07 (1971) Diamonds are Forever Sean Connery; St John, Jill TVa yes
Spy-Adv B 7 Bond 08 (1973) Live and Let Die Roger Moore (boats #1) TVa yes
Spy-Adv B+ 6 Bond 09 (1974) Man With The Golden Gun Roger Moore (boats #2) TVa yes
Spy-Adv B 5 Bond 10 (1977) Spy Who Loved Me Roger Moore TVa yes
Spy-Adv B 4 Bond 11 (1979) Moonraker Roger Moore (custom edit version) TVe yes
Spy-Adv B+ 6 Bond 12 (1981) For Your Eyes Only Roger Moore (109 min version) TVa yes
Spy-Adv B 6 Bond 13 (1983) Octopussy Roger Moore (tad long, compression works) TV yes
Spy-Adv B+ 4 Bond 13* (1983) Never Say Never Again Sean Connery (different producer) TV yes
Spy-Adv B+ 5 Bond 14 (1985) View to a Kill slow end) Roger Moore; McNee, Patric TVe yes
Spy-Adv B+ 5 Bond 15 (1987 Living Daylights Timothy Dalton TVa yes
Spy-Adv C- 2 Bond 16 (1989 License to Kill do not watch again Timothy Dalton TV No
Spy-Act A- 6 Bond 17 (1995) Goldeneye Pierce Brosnan (tank chase) TVe yes
Spy-Act A 5 Bond 18 (1997) Tomorrow Never Dies Pierce Brosnan; Yeoh, Michelle TVe yes
Act-Spy B 5 Bond 19 (1999) World Is Not Enough Pierce Brosnan (boats #3) Richards, D. TVe yes
Act-Spy B+ 5 Bond 20 (2002) Die Another Day Pierce Brosnan; Halee Berry TVe yes
Act B 2 Bond 21 (2006) Casino Royale Daniel Craig (lacks subtlety, personality) TVe Yes
Act D+ 1 Bond 22 (2008) Quantum of Solace dull!) Daniel Craig TV No
Act B 2 Bond 23 (2012) Skyfall Daniel Craig (could have used more editing) TVe Yes
Act Z Bond 24 (2015) Spectre Daniel Craig --- No
Bone Collector (1999) "Not for the squeamish." Maltin No
Mon-Hor D 1 Bone Snatcher SciFi-TVM TV No
Hor-Far C- 1 Boogie Man Will Get You (1942) Karloff; Lorre; out of date CAB No
Dra Z Boogie Nights (1997) --- No
--- N Book Of Eli Washington, Denzel --- No
Ani-Fan Z 1 Book of Life (2014) TVa No
Per Z 1 Boom Town (1940) CAB No
--- Z Borat (2006) --- No
Thr-Dra D+ 1 Borderline (1950) MacMurray, Fred CAB No
War N Born On The Fourth Of July --- No
Dra-Com B 1 Born Yesterday (1950) Holliday, Judy CAB No
Rom-Com B- 1 Born Yesterday (1993) Griffith, Melanie TV No
Rom-Dra B- 1 Borrowed Hearts Downey, Roma TV No
Fan-Ani C 1 Borrowers (1973) short animated US version TV No
Fan-Dra B 3 Borrowers (1993) BBC-TNT 3 hr miniseries used some F-Play in 2016 TVa yes
Fan-Com A- 3 Borrowers (1997) Goodman, John; short Brit/USA movie VID yes
Fan-Xma B- 1 Borrowers (2011) Brit TVM No
Det-Com C+ 1 Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood (1942) CAB No
Det-Com D 1 Boston Blackie's Rendezvous (1945) CAB No
ZZZ Z Bottle Rocket --- No
Dra-Rom Z Bounce --- No
Com-Act B- 1 Bounty Hunter (2010) TVa No
Act-Spy A 3 Bourne (1) Identity (2002) (2018 - very clean edit) TVe Yes
Act-Spy B 1 Bourne (2) Supremacy (2004) too much hand held camera TVa No
Act-Spy D 1 Bourne (3) Ultimatum (2007) bad photography/directing TV No
Act-Spy Z Bourne (4) Legacy (2012) poor review by my standards new actors --- No
Far D+ 1 Bowfinger TV No
ZZZ Z 1 Box Of Moonlight (1996) aka Box Of Moon Light CAB No
Hor-Fan D+ 1 Box, The (2009) Diaz, Cameron TV No
Ani-Fan C+ 1 Boxtrolls, The (2014) fell asleep TVa No
Sci-Dra D+ 1 Boy and His Dog, A (1975) CAB No
Ani-Dra D+ 1 Boy and the World (2013) abstract tragedy of civilization CAB No
Mus-Sat Z Boy Friend (1971) --- No
Com Z 1 Boy Meets Girl (1938) out of date CAB No
--- Z Boy Next Door (2015) --- No
Dra-Adv C 1 Boy On A Dolphin (1957) Loren, Sophia CAB No
Tee-Mon B 2 Boy Who Cried Werewolf TVM OK copy. Shields, B; Justin; Victoria Tva Yes
Dra C 1 Boy With Green Hair (1948) TV No
Xms-Rom C- 1 Boyfriend for Christmas Hallmark TVM TV No
Dra N Boys Don't Cry --- No
Com-Rom B+ 3 Boys Night Out Garner, J; Novak, Kim; bit dated, good, especially the end CAB yes
Dra-Tra B- 2 Boys On The Side (1995) Goldberg; Barrymore; Parker; CAB No
Mel-Sci C 1 Brainstorm (1983) CAB No
Fan-Dra D 1 Bram Stoker's Dracula TV no
Cop C+ 1 Brannigan Wayne, John CAB No
Com F 1 Bratty Babies TV No
Ani-Fan B+ 2 Brave (2012) CAB Yes
Ani-Dra B- 2 Brave Little Toaster Collin has. CAB No
Ani-Sci D 1 Brave Little Toaster Goes To Mars CAB No
Lig-Dra C 1 Brave New Jersey (2016) slow even on F-Play CAB No
Sci-Dra C 1 Brave New World Kihlstedt, Rya TV No
--- Z Brave One, The (2007) --- No
Dra Z 1 Breach (2007) TV No
Ani Z 1 Breadwinner (2017) CAB No
Com Z Break-Up (2006) --- No
Dra A 2 Breakfast at Tiffany's (1985) (only with time compression) CAB No
Tee N Breakfast Club (1985) --- No
Com-Rom C+ 1 Breakfast For Two (1937) Stanwyck, Barbara CAB No
Com Z Breakin' All The Rules (2004) --- No
Tee F 1 Breaking Away TV No
--- Z Breaking Up --- No
Dra D- 1 Breathing Lessons Garner, James; TVM TV No
ZZZ Z Breathless (1983) --- No
ZZZ Z Breathless (2012) --- No
Com C+ 2 Brewster McCloud (1970) bizarre CAB No
Com Z 1 Brewster's Millions (1945) CAB No
Dra Z Brick Lane (2007) --- No
Cop-Act Z Brick Mansions (2014) --- No
Com Z Bride Came COD (1941) --- No
--- Z Bride Goes Wild (1948) --- No
Com-Dra B 2 Bride Wars Hathaway; Hudson; TVa yes
Fan-Hor B- 1 Bride, The (1985) Sting; Beals, Jennifer CAB No
Hor C- 1 Brides Of Dracula TV No
Per-Tra D+ 1 Brideshead Revisited (2008) Atwell, Hayley TVa No
Com D+ 1 Bridesmaids (2011) TVa No
ZZZ Z 1 Bridge of Spies (2015) TVa No
Fan-Tra B+ 1 Bridge To Terabithia TV Yes
Dra C+ 1 Bridges of Madison County Eastwood; Streep TV No
Dra-Com B 3 Bridget Jones (1) Diary Zellweger, Renee; time compressed only CAB yes
Dra-Com D 1 Bridget Jones (2) The Edge Of Reason Zellweger, Renee TV No
Lig-Dra C- 1 Bridget Jones's (3) Baby Zellweger, Renee; awkward even at 1.12x CAB No
Dra C- 1 Brief Encounter (1945) out of date CAB No
Mus-Fan C- 1 Brigadoon (1954) Kelly, Gene; Charisse, Cyd; not much plot CAB No
Dra-Tra D- 1 Bright Leaf (1950) Bacall; Cooper; Neal CAB No
Tee C+ 1 Bring It On TV No
--- Z Bringing Down The House (2009) --- No
Com B 2 Bringing Up Baby (1938) Grant, C.; Hepburn, K. CAB yes
Dra C+ 1 Britannic TVM TV No
War-Spy C+ 1 British Intelligence (1940) Karlof, Boris CAB No
Dra C+ 1 Broadcast News TV No
Mus B- 1 Broadway Melody of (1940) fast play story, not dance CAB No
Act-Thr B+ 4 Broken Arrow Travolta; Slater; Mathis TVe yes
Cri Z Broken City (2013) --- No
Dra D 1 Broken Flowers (2005) awkward, dumb, and no end good cast CAB No
--- Z Broken Journey (1948) --- No
Com-Dra Z 1 Brother Rat (1938) out of date CAB No
--- Z Brother's Keeper --- No
Fan-Act B- 2 Brothers Grimm, The (2005) Pryce, Jonathan TVe Yes
ZZZ Z Brothers, The (2001) --- No
Com C+ 1 Bruce Almighty TV No
Doc-Dra B 1 Buddy (1997) Russo, Rene CAB No
Doc-Dra C+ 1 Buddy Holly Story (1978) CAB No
Cam-Fan C+ 4 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Swanson, Kristy; stored w/ TV shows. FAST PLAY! TVa yes
Hor Z Bug (1975) --- No
Ani B 2 Bug's Life, A TVa yes
Mon D- 1 Bugs TVM bit gross TV No
Dra D+ 1 Bull Durham TV No
Det-Com C+ 1 Bulldog Drummond (1929) Colman, Ronald; decent story, old old technology CAB No
Det-Com B- 1 Bulldog Drummond At Bay (1937) F-play 2nd half CAB No
Det-Com B 1 Bulldog Drummond Comes Back (1937) CAB No
Det-Com B- 1 Bulldog Drummond Escapes (1937) Milland, Ray; odd but short & cute CAB No
Det-Com B 1 Bulldog Drummond in Africa (1938) CAB No
Cri-Det F+ 1 Bulldog Drummond Returns (1934) out of date, splice clicks hard to watch. bad script. CAB No
Det-Com C+ 1 Bulldog Drummond's Bride (1939) fell asleep CAB No
Det-Com B- 1 Bulldog Drummond's Peril (1938) CAB No
Det-Com B 1 Bulldog Drummond's Revenge (1937) CAB No
Det-Com B+ 1 Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police (1939) CAB No
Act Z Bulletproof (1996) --- No
Act B 2 Bulletproof Monk TVa yes
Pol B- 1 Bullitt (1968) CAB No
Sat Z Bulworth (1998) indie political satire --- No
Com Z Bunny Lake Is Missing --- No
--- Z Bunny O'Hare (1972) --- No
Com B- 2 Buona Sera, Mrs Campbell (1968) poor cast only works time compressed CAB No
Dra C- 1 Burglar Goldberg, W. TV No
Mus A- 2 Burlesque (2010) Cher & Aguilera TVa yes
ZZZ Z 1 Burn After Reading TV No
Sup C- 1 Burn, Witch, Burn. (1962) aka Night of the Eagle CAB No
--- Z Burning Blue (2014) --- No
Dra-Fan D 1 Burried Secrets TV No
Mel Z 1 Bus Stop (1956) Monroe, Marilyn CAB No
Lig-Rom C+ 1 But Not For Me (1959) out of date, but well done & cute good cast CAB No
Rom-Fan B- 1 Butcher's Wife Moore, Demi TV No
Com-Dra B- 1 Butter (2011) Garner, Jennifer; Had to play at 1.13x but otherwise OK CAB No
Lig-Dra B- 2 Butterflies are Free Hawn, Goldie; converted play CAB No
ZZZ F- 1 Butterfly Effect TV No
--- Z By Love Possessed (1961) --- No
Mus Z By The Light Of The Silvery Moon (1953) --- No
Mys B 2 By The Pricking Of My Thumbs (2006) PBS Mrs Marple CAB Yes
Mus-Com C 1 Bye Bye Birdie. out of date Van Dyke; Ann-Margret CAB No
--- Z Ca$h (2010) aka Cash --- No
Dra-Tra C- 1 Cabaret (1972) CAB No
Hor Z Cabin Fever (2002) --- No
Mus Z Cabin In The Sky (1943) --- No
Com B 1 Cactus Flower (1969) Hawn;Bergman;Matthau TV No
Tee-Dra C+ 1 Cadet Kelly Disney Duff, Hillary CAB No
Com Z 1 Cadillac Man Williams, Robin TV No
--- Z Cahill, United States Marshal (1973) --- No
Cri-Tra D 1 Cairo (1963) Dumb. Everybody dies. Sanders, George CAB No
Lig-Dra C+ 1 Cake (2005) Hines, Cheryl CAB No
Dra A 2 Calendar Girls VID Yes
ZZZ N California Split --- No
Dra D 1 California Suite why was Neil Simon popular?! CAB No
Com-Dra C+ 1 Call Me Claus TVM Goldberg, Whoopie TV No
Dra Z Call Northside 777 (1948) aka Calling Northside 777 --- No
Com C 1 Callaway Went Thataway (1951) CAB No
Det-Pol B 1 Calling Bulldog Drummond (1951) Pigeon, Walter CAB No
ZZZ F 1 Camera Store (2016) CAB No
Tee Z 1 Camp Rock Disney TV No
Com Z Campaign (2012) --- No
Kid-Fan D- 1 Can of Worms (1999) Disney TVMovie TV No
Com B- 1 Can't Buy Me Love TV No
Tee F 1 Can't Hardly Wait TV No
Sat D+ 1 Canadian Bacon (1995) CAB No
Dra Z 1 Candidate (1972) Redford, Robert CAB No
Com B- 1 Candleshoe McKern; Foster; Niven TV No
Tee-Com C+ 1 Candy Bar (2017) Hendricks, Christina CAB No
Lig-Dra B 1 Canterbury Tale, A UK (1944) slice of life, disarming old but interesting CAB No
Fan-Com C- 1 Canterville Ghost (1944) CAB No
Fan-Dra B 3 Canterville Ghost (1987) TVM TVa yes
Fan-Com B- 1 Canterville Ghost (1996) TVM TV No
Dra Z Canvas (2006) --- No
Dra-Thr B- 3 Capricorn One out of date TV No
Fan-Act B+ 2 Capt America: (1) First Avenger Captain America Atwell, Hayley TVe yes
Act-Fan C 1 Capt America: (2) Winter Soldier bad camera, directing, edit mostly boring action & villains TVa No
Act-Fan C- 1 Capt America: (3) Civil War same problems + dumb story alternating boring or action TVa No
Dra B+ 1 Captain Hortatio Hornblower color (1951) Peck, Gregory CAB yes
Adv C+ 1 Captain Kidd (1945) out of date, short enuf to still be interesting major cast! CAB No
Ani-Sci C+ 1 Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter Japanimation TV No
Hor F 1 Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter aka Kronos (1972) TV No
Fan-Sci D+ 1 Captain Nemo & the Underwater City (1969) CAB No
Com D 1 Captain Ron TV No
Fan Z 1 Captain Sinbad (1963) CAB No
Com B 1 Captain's Paradise (1955) Guiness CAB No
Dra A 1 Captains Courageous (1937) CAB No
War-Dra D- 1 Captains of the Clouds (1942) out of date drivel CAB No
Dra Z 1 Carbine Williams (1959) CAB No
Com C- 1 Career Opportunities (1991) Connelly, Jennifer CAB No
Mus C+ 1 Carefree (1938) Rogers, Ginger; Astair, Fred CAB No
Mys-Sus D+ 1 Carey Treatment (1972) CAB No
Hor D+ 1 Carnival Of Souls TV No
Per-Dra DZ 1 Carol (2015) Too serious; Skipped ahead. Good end. Blanchet; Mara CAB No
Dra B 3 Caroline? TVM Zimbalist, Stephanie TV Yes
Hor C- 2 Carrie (1976) classic w/ major cast but very Slow! TVa yes
Hor D+ 1 Carrie (2002) TVM, tedious, skip to the end for the effects TV No
Dra-Com B- 1 Carrie Pilby (2016) odd becoming adult story but well done Powley, Bel CAB No
Far Z 1 Carry On Cowboy (1966) CAB No
Lig-Com C 1 Carry On Nurse (1959) fell asleep CAB No
Far C 1 Carry On Spying (1965) CAB No
Lig-Com C 1 Carry On Teacher (1959) CAB No
Ani B 1 Cars TV No
Doc-Dra Z Carve Her Name With Pride (1948) 3* WW2 movie. Sad end --- No
Dra B 1 Casablanca (1942) good old classic but slow & sad CAB No
Rom-Com B+ 2 Casanova (2005) period romantic comedy Olin, Lena TVe Yes
Com C+ 1 Casanova Brown (1944) Cooper, Gary CAB No
Det-Com B 1 Case of the Lucky Legs (1935) Perry Mason Warren William CAB No
Dra C 1 Cash McCall (1960) Garner, James; Wood Natalie CAB No
Ani-Sci C 1 Cashan, Robot Hunter Japanimation TV No
Fan-Com B 2 Casper (1995) Ricci, Christina TVa No
Fan D 1 Casper Meets Wendy TVM TV No
Dra C 1 Cass Timberlane (1947) Tracy & Turner CAB No
Dra B- 1 Cast Away (2000) too long Hanks, Tom TV No
Castle In The Sky see Laputa ╔ Yes
Com-Dra C 1 Casual Sex Thompson, Lea TV No
Com-Hor D+ 1 Cat and the Canary (1939) Out of date Hope & Godard CAB No
Wes-Com B+ 3 Cat Ballou getting a bit out of date Fonda, Jane CAB yes
Sci-Com C+ 2 Cat From Outerspace TVa no
Mus-Com F 1 Cat In The Hat they took the fun out! TV No
--- Z Cat O'Nine Tails (1971) --- No
Blk-Dra F 1 Cat On A Hot Tin Roof mean, nasty characters CAB No
Sus-Fan C 1 Cat People (1942) Interesting cult classic, rather slow & dated Simon, Simone CAB No
Fan-Hor C- 1 Cat People (1982) TV No
Ani-Fan A- 2 Cat Returns from Studio Ghibli includes Howl's Moving Castle VID Yes
--- Z Cat Run (2011) --- No
Doc-Dra C+ 1 Cat's Meow, The (2001) Dunst, Kirsten CAB No
Rom-Com B- 1 Catch A Falling Star TVM Ward, Sella TV No
Dra C 1 Catch and Release (2006) TV No
Dra C+ 1 Catch Me If You Can Hanks, Tom VID Yes
Dra N Catch-22 (1970) --- No
Fan-Com B- 1 Cats & Dogs TV No
Fan-Far C+ 1 Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore TVa No
Fan-Act A+ 3 Catwoman (2004) annoying camera work Berry, H; Stone, S DVD Yes
Sus D 1 Cause For Alarm (1951) CAB No
Dra-Far F- 1 Cecil B. Demented TV No
Lig-Com B- 1 Celeste In The City TVM Delfino, Majandra TV No
NNN N Cell, The (2000) --- No
--- Z Cellular --- No
Doc C- 1 Celluloid Closet VID No
Com-Spy Z 1 Central Intelligence (2016) (1.2x. bad recording abandoned) TVa No
Dra Z 1 Certain Women (2016) CAB No
Act B- 1 Chain Reaction 90 min might be OK wide screen Reeves, K; Wiesz, R. TV No
Dra B- 1 Chalk Garden (1964) decent at 115% speed Mills, Haley & John CAB No
Sci C+ 1 Chameleon (1998) TVM TV No
Rom C+ 1 Chance At Romance (2013) Hallmark TV No
Dra C- 1 Chance Of A Lifetime Ritter, John TV No
Fan-Rom B 4 Chances Are (1996) fast play Shepherd, C; Masterson VID yes
Lig-Dra C- 1 Change Of Habit (1969) out of date, trite Moore, Mary Tyler; Elvis CAB No
Fam B 1 Change Of Plans White, Brooke; Evans, J. TV No
--- Z Change-Up (2011) --- No
Dra Z 1 Changeling (2008) Jolie --- No
NNN N Changing Lanes --- No
--- Z Chaos (2005) --- No
Act-Sci N Chappie (2015) violent robot cops movie --- No
--- Z 1 Chapter Two (1979) Neil Simon --- No
Spy A- 4 Charade Grant, C; Hepburn, A. VID yes
Fan-Com C 1 Charley and the Angel (1973) bit slow, out of date MacMurray CAB No
Dra D+ 1 Charlie and Me Hallmark TV No
Fan B 2 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) Burton and Depp TVa Yes
Tee-Dra B 2 Charlie Bartlett (2007) light comedy overlay Dennings, Kat TVa yes
Mys C 1 Charlie Chan 14 (1938) In Honolulu CAB No
Mys B 1 Charlie Chan 25 (1945) In The Secret Service CAB No
Mys D 1 Charlie Chan 30 (1945) Scarlet Clue CAB No
--- Z 1 Charlie St. Cloud (2010) --- no
Fam B- 1 Charlie The Lonesome Cougar old Disney sanitized fictionalized animal/people show but fun CAB No
Thr F 1 Charlie Varrick CAB No
Dra B+ 2 Charlie Wilson's War Hanks; Roberts TVe Yes
Act-Fun A- 5 Charlie's Angels (2000) watch credits! VID Yes
Act-Com B- 3 Charlie's Angels Full Throttle (2003) watch credits! needs wide screen VID Yes
War-Dra C- 1 Charlotte Gray (2001) Blanchett, Cate TV No
Ani-Dra B 1 Charlotte's Web (1973) CAB No
Ani-Dra B- 1 Charlotte's Web (2006) TVa No
Dra N Charly (1968) --- No
ZZZ Z 1 Charming Christmas (2015) Hallmark TVM TV No
Com-Dra D+ 1 Chase, The (1994) an A+ for Swanson Swanson, Kristy TV No
Dra-Com C 1 Chasers TV No
Dra F 1 Chasing Amy CAB No
Com C+ 1 Chasing Christmas TVM TV No
Rom-Fan C+ 1 Chasing Leprechauns (2012) Hallmark TVM TV No
Rom-Com B+ 2 Chasing Liberty TVa Yes
Dra-Com B- 1 Cheaper By The Dozen (1950) TV No
Com Z 1 Cheaper By The Dozen (2003) TV No
Dra C+ 1 Cheers for Miss Bishop (1941) good but old TV No
Tee-Mus Z 1 Cheetah Girls Disney CAB No
Thr D+ 1 Cherish (2002) without Tunney the movie is nothing Tunney, Robin CAB No
Rom-Com Z Cherry (1999) --- No
Sci-Act A- 7 Cherry (2000) Griffith, Melanie CAB yes
Wes-Com B- 1 Cheyene Social Club (1970) Langdon, Sue Ann CAB No
Mus-Sat C 1 Chicago (2002) TV No
Ani Z Chicken Little --- No
Ani B- 1 Chicken Run TV No
--- Z Chicken With Plums (2012) --- No
Hor C+ 1 Child's Play Hicks, Catherine TV No
Dra D+ 1 Childhood Sweetheart TVM TV No
Sci D+ 1 Childhood's End SyFy miniseries (2015) TV No
Sci C 1 Children of Dune Dune 2 SciFiTv miniseries TV No
--- Z Children Of Hunag Shi (2008) --- No
Dra F 1 Children of Men (2006) TV No
Adv C 1 China Seas (1935) out of date but interesting Good cast! CAB No
Dra B- 2 China Syndrome Fonda, Jane TV No
Act B- 1 Chinese Zodiac (2012) great credits, partly dubbed Chan, Jackie CAB No
Was Z 1 Chisum (1970) Wayne, John TV No
Fan-Mus B 2 Chitty,Chitty Bang Bang (1968) Van Dyke, Dick CAB yes
--- Z Chloe (2010) --- No
Dra A- 2 Chocolat Dench, Judi TVa Yes
Lig-Dra Z Chosen One, The (2010) --- No
Rel-Dra Z Chosen, The --- No
Act-Rom D+ 1 Christmas Bounty. TVM TV No
Xma C+ 1 Christmas Caper TV No
Xma-Fan Z 1 Christmas Cupid. (2010) TVM TV No
Fan-Adv C 1 Christmas Dragon (2014) Period, Kids, Xmas CAB No
Xma-Com B- 1 Christmas In Connecticut (1945) bit slow, needs F-play Stanwyck, Barbara CAB No
Xma C- 1 Christmas In Connecticut (1992) Cannon, Dyan TV No
Com C- 1 Christmas in July (1940) CAB No
Dra Z 1 Christmas List TV No
Xms-Fan B 2 Christmas Magic Hallmark TVM, F-Play Booth, Lindy TVa Yes
Xma-Dra C 1 Christmas Ornament (2013) Hallmark TVM Staite, Jewel TV No
Xma Z 1 Christmas Proposal, A TVM TV No
Xma-Dra C- 1 Christmas Song (2012) Henstridge, Natasha TV No
Xma-Fan C+ 1 Christmas Spirit (2013) TVM Sheridan, Nicollette TV No
Fam-Per B 1 Christmas Story, A CAB No
Xma Z 1 Christmas Wedding TVM TV No
Xma-Rom C- 1 Christmas Wedding Tail (2011) TVM Hicks, Catherine TV No
Xma Z 1 Christmas Wish. TVM Swanson, Kristi TV No
Xma-Com Z Christmas With the Kranks --- No
Sci Z Chronicle (2012) --- No
Fan C 2 Chronicles of Narnia (1988) Lion, Witch, Wardrobe miniseries Kellerman, Barbara VID No
Fan Z 2 Chronicles of Narnia (1989) Caspian & Voyage miniseries all three are out of date VID No
Fan C 2 Chronicles of Narnia (1990) Silver Chair miniseries Baker, Tom VID No
Kid-Fan B+ 2 Chronicles of Narnia 1 (2005) Lion, Witch & Wardrobe Popplewell, Anna TVe Yes
Kid-Fan B- 1 Chronicles of Narnia 2 (2008) Prince Caspian TV No
Fan B+ 2 Chronicles of Narnia 3 (2010) Voyage of Dawn Treader TVa Yes
ZZZ N Chronicles of Riddick ZZ No
Doc-Mus B 1 Chuck Berry Hail! Hail! Rock n Roll 2nd half - concert CAB No
Com C+ 1 Chump At Oxford, A (1939) out of date classic Laurel & Hardy CAB No
Dra B 1 Cider House Rules TV No
Ani-Dra B 1 Cinderella (1950) Disney's VID yes
Fan-Dra B- 1 Cinderella (2015) Too slow. I prefer revisionist. Jacobi, Derek; BonHam Carter, H. TVa No
Dra-Rom Z Cinderella Liberty (1973) --- No
Tee-Rom C+ 1 Cinderella Story, A (2004) Duff, Hillary TV No
Dra C 1 Circle of Friends TV No
Dra D+ 1 Circuit TVM - predictable TV No
Com B 1 Circus (1928) silent Chaplin CAB No
--- Z City Island (2009) --- No
Dra B 1 City Of Angels Ryan, Meg; Cage, N TV No
Sci A- 3 City of Ember VID Yes
NNN N City of Industry --- No
Dra-Com B- 2 City Slickers TV No
--- --- CJ7 (2008) subtitled only CAB No
Wes-Dra Z Claim, The (2000) --- No
--- Z Clapper, The (2017-18) --- No
Dra C 1 Clara's Heart Goldberg, Whoopie TV No
ZZZ Z 1 Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion (1965) CAB No
Fan C 1 Clash Of The Titans (1981) TV No
Fan-Act Z 1 Clash of the Titans (2010) boring, poorly directed TV No
Tee-Dra D- 1 Class CAB No
Mys-Com B 2 Clean Slate TVa Yes
Thr C+ 1 Clear and Present Danger use FFWD editing Ford, Harrison TV No
Act Z Cleopatra Jones (1973) --- No
Com F 1 Clerks TV No
Dra-Com C 1 Click TV No
Dra-Thr B 1 Client, The TV No
Thr C 1 Cliffhanger TV No
Kid-Spy D+ 1 Cloak and Dagger TV No
Dra C+ 1 Clock, The Garland, Judy CAB No
Cri N Clockers --- No
Sci-Tee B- 1 Clockstoppers (2002) TV No
Sci-Dra D+ 1 Cloned TV No
Sci A 3 Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind try edited time compression OK TVa yes
Dra F+ 1 Closer (2004) excellent acting TV No
Dra-Rom C- 1 Closer You Get, The (2000) Ireland CAB No
Sci Cloud Atlas (2012) 3 hr movie! No
Ani-Fan C- 1 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs TVa No
--- Z Cloverfield (2008) --- No
Com-Mys B 3 Clue fun just to watch the cast Warren, Leslie-Ann VID Yes
Com C- 1 Clueless Silverstone, Alicia TV No
Com C 1 Cluny Brown (1946) out of date good cast CAB No
Fan-Dra B 1 Cobbler, The (2014) slow start, good end, 113% fast-play Hoffman, Dustin CAB No
Com-Fan B- 1 Cockeyed Miracle (1946) CAB No
War B 1 Cockleshell Heros (1955) CAB No
Rom-Dra C 1 Cocktail Shue, Elis. TV No
Ani-Fan B 1 Coco (2017) CAB No
Dra Z 1 CocoCola Kid TV No
Sci-Dra B 3 Cocoon slow middle hour - speed up Welch, Tawnee CAB Yes
ZZZ Z Code 11-14 --- No
Sci C+ 1 Code 46 (2003) CAB No
Sci C 1 Code Name Phoenix TV No
Rom C- 1 Coffee Shop (2014) Vandervoort, Laura CAB No
Tee C- 1 Coin Heist (2017) CAB No
Com-Dra A- 3 Cold Comfort Farm VID yes
Sci C+ 2 Cold Equations powerful movie Montgomery, Poppy TVa No
Act Z Cold Light Of Day (2012) --- No
Dra-Fan F+ 1 Cold Souls (2009) Depressing. movie's soul is even colder. 1.3x CAB
Act Z Collateral (2004) --- No
Cri-Dra D+ 1 Collateral (2018) BBC 4hr miniseries CAB No
--- Z- Colombiana aka Columbiana --- No
Dra A- 2 Color Of Friendship CAB yes
--- Z Color of Night (1994) --- No
Sci B- 1 Colossus: Forbin Project old TV No
--- Z Columbus Circle (2010) --- No
Dra-Sus C 2 Coma TV No
Dra Z 1 Coma (2012) miniseries TV No
Lig-Rom C 1 Come Fly With Me (1963) fluff Nettleton, Lois CAB No
Rom-Com C 1 Come Live With Me Stewart; Lamar CAB No
Com-Rom B- 1 Come September Lollabrigida, Gina CAB No
Com-Dra C 1 Come To The Stable (1949) CAB No
Xma C- 1 Comfort And Joy (2003) TV No
Rom-Com C 1 Coming and Going (2011) aka Coming & Going Alexander, Sasha TV No
Com Z 1 Coming To America TV No
Com-Dra B 1 Coming Unglued TV No
Act B 1 Commando (1985) nothing but action Schwartzenegger TV No
Com-Sus Z Company Business (1991) very poor ratings --- No
Dra Z 1 Company, The (2003) Campbell, Neve CAB No
Rom-Com C+ 1 Competition, The TV No
Tee C+ 1 Computer Wore Tennis Shoes Russell, Kurt TV No
Com B- 1 Comrad X (1940) Lamarr; Gable; CAB No
Dra D 1 Con, The TVM TV No
Fan-Adv D+ 1 Conan the Barbarian (1982) skip 2011 too Schwartz...; Bergman. TV No
Com C+ 1 Coneheads TV No
ZZZ Z 1 Confessions of a Dangerous Mind TV No
ZZZ Z Confessions of a Nazi Spy (1939) --- No
Com-Rom C 1 Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber Hewitt, Jen-L TV No
Det-Com C+ 1 Confessions of Boston Blackie CAB No
Far Z Confetti (2006) --- No
Doc-Dra Z 1 Confidence Girl (1952) CAB No
Sus-Int B- 1 Confidential Agent (1945) kind of stilted Bacall & Boyer & Lorre CAB No
Com D+ 1 Confidentially Connie (1953) out of date CAB No
ZZZ Z 1 Confirmation, The (2016) big time boring losers Bello, Maria TVa No
--- Z Conflict (1945) --- No
Fan B 3 Congo TVe yes
Com B- 1 Connie and Carla TV No
NNN N Conqueror Worm --- No
Act-Thr A 4 Conspiracy Theory Roberts, Julia TVe Yes
War-Spy B 1 Conspirators (1944) Lore, Peter; Lamar, Hedy CAB No
ZZZ N 1 Conspriacy Kilmer, Val TV No
NNN N Constant Gardner --- No
Mel D+ 1 Constant Nymph (1943) well acted waste of time starts out fun, ends Bad CAB No
Hor C 1 Constantine (2005) very good horror movie Weisz, R. TV No
Sci A 2 Contact (1997) Foster, Jodie TV No
--- Z Contagion (2011) --- No
War-Spy B- 1 Contraband (1939 ) (1940) Blackout - USA title Veidt, Conrad CAB No
ZZZ Z 1 Contraband (2012) abandoned very early - grade F TVa No
--- N Control --- No
Pol N Control Factor --- No
Rom C 1 Convenient Groom (2016) Hallmark TVM TVa No
Dra F+ 1 Conversation, The (1974) way, way too slow. Crappy end. CAB No
--- Z Cookie's Fortune --- no
Dra-Com B+ 2 Cool Runnings TVa yes
Fan C+ 1 Cool World (1992) TV No
--- Z Cop and A Half aka Cop & 1/2 --- No
ZZZ Z Cop Out (2010) --- No
NNN N Copycat --- No
Ani-Fan B+ 3 Coraline TVa Yes
Act-Sci B+ 3 Core, The (2003) Swank, Hillary TVe Yes
Dra B 1 Corina, Corina Goldberg, W. TV No
Sus-Pol C+ 1 Cornered (1945) CAB No
Ani-Mus B+ 2 Corpse Bride, Tim Burton's aka Tim Burtons'╔ VID Yes
Dra A- 1 Corvet K-225 B&W WW2 movie CAB No
Sci D- 1 Cosmic Monsters (1958) very old and out of date CAB No
Com C+ 1 Couch Trip TV No
Dra C+ 1 Countdown (1967) CAB No
Ref C+ 1 Counter-Espionage (1942) a Lone Wolf movie CAB No
Rom-Com B 1 Counterfeit Contessa, The (1994) Leoni, Tia CAB No
ZZZ Z 1 Couples Retreat (2009) TV No
Lig-Dra D 1 Courage of Lassie (1946) dumbest Lassie movie ever CAB No
Dra C+ 1 Courage Under Fire Ryan, M; Washington, D TV No
Com-Mus C 1 Court Jester (1956) out of date Natwick, Mildred; Johns, Glynis CAB No
Com-Dra C- 1 Courtship of Eddie's Father (1963) CAB No
Blk-Com D+ 1 Cousin Bette (1998) way too slow Shue, Elisabeth CAB No
Rom B- 1 Cousins Danson; Rosselline TV No
Fan-Thr ZD 1 Covenant, The (2006) TVa No
Mus Z 1 Cover Girl (1944) Arden, Eve CAB No
Mys B 1 Cover Up (1949) pretty good with time compression Bendix, William CAB No
Tee D- 1 Cow Belles Disney TVM CAB No
Ani-Sci C 1 Cowboy Bebop: The Movie CAB No
Wes-Sci B 2 Cowboys & Aliens mostly cowboys Ford, Harrison TVe yes
Lig-Dra B 1 Coyote Ugly TV No
Dra D- 1 CQ (2001) CAB No
Mys-Thr B- 1 Crack-Up (1946) CAB No
Act Z Cradle 2 the Grave (2003) --- No
Fan-Dra A- 5 Craft, The Tunney, Robin VID yes
Act Z Crank (2006) --- No
--- N Crash (2004-05) Bullock --- No
Sci C 1 Crash And Burn TV No
ZZZ Z 1 Crash The (2017) Bad photog w/ boring story & characters Driver, Minni CAB No
Tee D+ 1 Crazy Beautiful (2001) aka Crazy/Beautiful TV No
Dra B- 1 Crazy In Alabama Griffith, Melanie TV No
Rom-Dra D+ 1 Crazy, Stupid, Love TVa No
Fan-Rom C+ 1 Creator TV No
Sci C+ 2 Creature From The Black Lagoon TVa yes
Sci-Fa B- 1 Creature, Peter Benchley's TV No
Creeping Unknown see Quartermass Xpmt No
Hor D- 1 Creepshow TV No
ZZZ Z Crescendo (1972) --- No
Det C- 1 Crime Doctor's (1947) Gamble CAB No
Det D+ 1 Crime Doctor's (1949) Diary CAB No
Com-Maf C- 1 Crimes of Fashion TVM TV No
Sci C- 1 Crimson Force TVM TV No
Dra-Com B 1 Crimson Pirate CAB No
Act-Dra B+ 3 Crimson Tide A - movie, B - subject tense military action drama TVa yes
Dra B- 1 Crisis Grant, Cary CAB No
Cri Z Criss Cross (1949) --- No
Sci-Thr B+ 4 Critters VID yes
Sci-Com B 2 Critters 2 TV Yes
Sci C+ 1 Critters 3 TV No
Sci D 1 Critters 4 TV No
Adv-Com B+ 4 Crocodile Dundee 1 Hogan, Paul VID yes
Adv-Com C 1 Crocodile Dundee 2 TV No
Com B 3 Crocodile Dundee 3 in Los Angeles a gentle movie TVa Yes
Com-Adv Z Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course --- No
Ani-Fan B 1 Croods, The (2013) TVa Yes
Com-Hei B 1 Crooks and Coronets aka Sophie's Place (1969) F-play Savalas, Telly CAB No
Pol Z 1 Crossfire (1947) CAB No
Wes-ZZZ Z Crossfire Trail Selleck --- No
Dra Z 1 Crossing Delancey (1988) CAB No
--- Z Crossover (2006) --- No
Spy-Com B 2 Crossplot (1969) old Avengers style camp B movie Moore, Roger CAB yes
Mys B- 1 Crossroads (1942) interesting but a tad out of date Powell, William CAB No
Tee C+ 1 Crossroads (2002) Played ast 1.3x Manning, Taryn; Saldana, Zoe CAB No
Fan-Sci B- 3 Crossworlds direct to video B budget TVe Yes
For-Fan B- 1 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon TV No
--- Z Crow, The (1994) --- No
Fam-Rom B- 1 Crown For Christmas (2015) Hallmark TVM McKellar, Danica TVa No
NNN N Crucible, The --- No
Dra-Tra C- 1 Cruel Intentions TV No
Rom-Com C 1 Crush On Your, A hallmark TVM Brannagh, Brigid TV No
Adv C- 1 Crusoe (1988) Pretty but odd & a bit unpleasant. Used F-Play Quinn, Aidan CAB No
War Z Cry 'Havoc' (1943) aka Cry Havoc --- No
ZZZ F 1 Cry Baby TV No
Mys-Sus B- 1 Cry Wolf (1947) OK time compressed Stanwyck, Barbara CAB No
Sus-Hor Z Cry Wolf (2005) --- No
Adv-Rom C- 1 Cuba Connery, Sean TV No
Sci D 1 Cube (1997) DeBoer, Nicole TV No
Sci C 1 Cube 2 Hypercube don't watch any more TVM Matchett, Kari TV No
Wes-Com Z Culpepper Cattle Company (1972) overly violent --- No
Rom-Fan C+ 1 Cupid (2012) TVM TV No
Dra C 1 Cupid and Cate aka Cupid & Cate Parker, Mary-Louise TV No
Dra-Fan B- 1 Curious Case of Benjamine Button TV No
Dra B 1 Curly Sue Belushi TV No
Fan C+ 1 Curse of King Tut's Tomb Hallmark TVM TV No
Fan-Sus B- 1 Curse of the Cat People (1944) CAB No
Sup-Hor C 1 Curse of the Demon (1957) aka Night of the Demon CAB No
--- Z Curse of the Jade Scorpion (2001) Woody Allen --- No
Hor F 1 Cut Ringwald, Molly TV No
Act-Adv B+ 3 Cutthroat Island Davis, Geena VID Yes
Rom-Com B 1 Cutting Edge Kelly, Moria; Sweeny TV No
Rom-Com B- 1 Cutting Edge 2: Going for the Gold Kendrich, Kim TV No
Sci D- 1 Cyborg 2: Glass Shadow (1993) F-play & F-Fwd used! Jolie, Angelina CAB No
Mon Z 1 Cyclops (1957) CAB No
--- Z Cynthia (1947) --- No
Sat Z 1 D.C. Cab (1983) CAB No
Spy-Far C- 1 D.E.B.S. teen spy farce romance Brewster, Jordana CAB No
Sus-Act D+ 1 D.O.A. (1988) Meg is great Ryan, Meg TV No
Adv-Thr B+ 3 Da Vinci Code (2006) Hanks, Tom; Vid edits good. Synd off & pops. TVe Yes
Dra-Com Z Dad (1989) --- No
Dra Z 1 Dad's Home TVM TV No
Rom-Com B 2 Daddy Long Legs (1955) Astair, Fred; Caron, Leslie TV No
Com Z 1 Daddy's Dying╔ Who's Got the Will TV No
--- Z Daddy's Home (2015) --- No
ZZZ Z 1 Daddy's Little Girls (2007) TV No
Kid-Com D- 1 Dadnapped Disney low budget TVM CAB No
Hor F 1 Dagon TVM TV No
ZZZ F 1 Dallas Buyers Club (2013) CAB No
Dra C 1 Dalva TVM TV No
War A- 2 Dam Busters, The (1955) long version CAB yes
Mus-Com B 1 Damsel In Distress, A (1937) last 40% drags Burns; Allen; Fred Astair CAB No
ZZZ Z 1 Damsels In Distress (2011) CAB No
Dra-Rom D- 1 Dan In Real Life TV No
--- Z Dance, Charlie, Dance (1937) Dance Charlie Dance --- No
Dra C+ 1 Dance, Girl, Dance (1940) Ball, Lucille; O'Hara, Maureen CAB No
--- Z Dancer Upstairs (2002) --- No
--- Z Danger Zone (1996) --- No
Psy-Thr C+ 1 Dangerous Crossing (1953) Renie, Michael CAB No
Dra F 1 Dangerous Liaisons (1988) TV No
Dra Z 1 Dangerous Method, A (2011) CAB No
Mys Z Dangerous Money (1946) Charlie Chan --- No
Mus-Mel C- 1 Dangerous When Wet (1953) CAB No
Spy-War C+ 1 Dangerously They Live (1942) good start, weak end CAB No
Mel C- 1 Daniel Steel's Kaleidoscope Smith, Jaclyn; Christian, Claudia TV No
Act C- 1 Dante's Peak (1997) Brosnan, Pierce TV No
Fan C 1 Darby O'Gill and the Little People (1959) CAB No
War B 1 Darby's Rangers (1958) Garner, James CAB No
Fan-Act C- 1 Daredevil drama Garner, Jennifer Com Yes
ZZZ Z 1 Darjeeling Limited (2007) TV No
Mys Z Dark Alibi (1946) Charlie Chan --- No
Sci A 3 Dark City (1998) For the world is flat & I have seen the edge VID Yes
Sci-Fan B- 3 Dark Crystal, The (1982) puppets, OK at 1.3 speed VID Yes
Hor Z Dark Half --- No
Dra-Spy B 1 Dark Journey (1937) CAB No
Per-Tra D- 1 Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King 2nd half terrible TV No
Fan-Cri D+ 1 Dark Knight (2008) a Batman movie TV No
War-Dra D+ 1 Dark Of The Sun (1968) aka The Mercenaries CAB No
Dar-Dra C+ 1 Dark Passage (1947) odd, unusual, but interesting Bacall; Bogart; Moorehead CAB No
Fan Z Dark Relic (2010) --- No
Fan-Com B 2 Dark Shadows (2012) good cast! Needs a little speed in the middle. TVa Yes
How Z Dark Skies (2013) --- No
Hor-Tra N Dark Water (2005) --- No
Sci F+ 1 Darkdrive TVM TV No
Sci-Act B 1 Darkest Hour, The (2011) TVa Yes
Sci-Fan B- 1 Darklight (2004) TVM Appleby, Shiri TV No
Hor-Kid C 1 Darklings TVM Sommers, Susan TV No
Fan-Dra D+ 1 Darkman (1990) --- No
--- Z Darkness Falls (2003) --- No
Dra Z 1 Darling (1965) CAB No
Dra Z Darling Companion (2012) --- No
Dra-Com B+ 2 Darling Lili (1970) WW1 spy, great teaser 136m cut Andrews, Julie use F-Play CAB yes
Mys C 1 Darrow & Darrow (2017) Hallmark TVM. Good Cast! TVa No
Mys C 1 Darrow & Darrow (2018) Hallmark TVM. used 1.23x the cast makes it worthwhile TVa No
Sci C 1 Darwin Conspiracy TVM TV No
Kid C+ 1 DARYL D.A.R.Y.L. TV No
--- Z Date Movie (2006) --- No
--- Z 1 Date Night (2010) TV No
--- Z Date With Judy, A (1948) --- No
Det-Com B- 2 Date With The Falcon (1941) on Falcon disk (OK time compressed) CAB Yes
Com-Dra B+ 3 Dave (1993) TVa Yes
Dra Z David and Lisa (1962) --- No
Hor F+ 1 Dawn Of The Dead Booth, Lindy TV NO
Dis-Sci B+ 2 Day After Tomorrow TV Yes
ZZZ Z Day Of Reckoning (2016) --- No
Sci B+