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With a unique take on an alien invasion, End of Innocence follows three young Cadorie, as they try to save their planet from the clutches of Galactic Mining and Exploration. Lacking the resources to confront the aliens directly, they go undercover. It almost works, then Lannes disappears.

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Amazon Reviews
What would happen if an unprincipled corporation from a more technological world decide to mine you planet? Could you resist? How much and how long could you resist? Can you even communicate with them? The results are unlikely to be nice in any case.

This is the best full novel I've read in a long, long time. Grade A+. The style and story remind me of two famous SciFi authors & books - Anne McCaffrey "Dragon Singer" and Robert Heinlein "The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress." The social scifi story is detailed and never dull. The characters are vibrant, varied, and alive, both villains and protagonists. The story is both coming of age for the main characters and the effects of a commercial alien invasion. Highly recommended. End of Innocence.

J. Burt

This young adult/sci-fi fantasy was a fun, entertaining read. The story details the exploration and exploitation of planet J746B by the technologically advanced Cadorie. They soon discover that the Cadorie race that inhabits the planet is not as primitive as they first thought. The story serves as an allegory for corporate greed, as well as historical events like the conquest of North America by European settlers.

Romana Drew examines different aspects of the human condition - hope, love, fear, family, greed - through the eyes of all-too-human aliens. The plot that is fast paced enough to keep you turning the pages. If you like the genre, give this book a try.

D F Roberts